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“Summit is an amazing community across its schools, parks, sports, arts, and neighborhoods. I will use my unique combination of experiences as a coach, volunteer, business person, substitute teacher, and father to represent the needs of the people to best serve the health and the vitality of our neighborhoods and town."



Fiscal Responsibility with your tax dollars.

New playgrounds and improved outdoor recreation.

Strategic initiatives to enhance the safety, sustainability, and beauty of Summit. 

Working with you to move Summit forward. 



I have been carefully listening to the residents' concerns surrounding Broad Street West Redevelopment and a few things have become clearer over the last 6 months. There is wide support for redevelopment in this area of town and it’s one of the stated goals in the Master Plan. I will advocate for a smaller project while focusing on affordable housing, sustainability, a better parking plan, and a very clear financial picture. We will get this done together. Please stay involved.


In my first term, we completely renovated the Summit Town Pool and refurbished our basketball courts at Memorial and Tatlock. We have already turned our focus to the Mabie playground area. This is a huge priority for me.



Summit is open for business all over town. My past work on the Economic Development Advisory Committee has provided a strong base with ideas that will improve neighborhoods through accessibility, safe sidewalks, enriched small business ownership where appropriate, and beautifying the streets of Summit. We have seen the benefits of projects like Deforest Ave with a wider sidewalk, new trees, and improved lighting. I believe beautifying streets make our town more enjoyable and safe for residents while also improving home values. We will be starting the Park Ave project very soon where you will see new sidewalks, lighting, and trees that will beautify that whole area.

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